Best Outdoor Basketball – Complete Review & Buying 2020

Best Outdoor Basketball

Unlike indoor basketball, the Best Outdoor Basketball is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. It is because of the rough surface and outdoor conditions. While choosing outdoor basketballs, you will need to be sure it’s covering. It should be 100% healthy being entirely ruined by the hard, concrete or acrylic courts.

When it comes to best outdoors basketball, the foremost thing to consider is its material. There are different types of material for basketball. Let’s know which material is best for outdoor basketballs by reviewing the buying guide with other needed detail.

To achieve reliable and robust basketball, we have made a list. It includes all-round basketballs so you can play with full confidence.

Are you ready to play basketball with these models to enjoy a whole new experience?

List of Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2020

Product NameSpecifications
Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball• An ideal choice for outdoor play
• Great for shooters
• Performance two-tone outdoor cover
• Deep channel design for improved grip
Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball• Designed for both outdoor and indoor play
• Shipped inflated a game ready
• Lighter up to 15% to help develop technique
• Offers high-performance composite cover
Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball• Comes inflated and game-ready
• Both for indoor and outdoor play
• Foam-backed design for excellent feel
• Zi/O Tournament composite cover
• Official NBZ Size as well as weight
Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball• Perfect for recreational layers
• For both indoor and outdoor play
• Premium construction and durability
• Excellent rebound and all surface cover
Wilson NCCAA Replica Game Basketball• Moisture absorbing material
• Superior grip ability
• Composite construction
• Replica of the NCAA game ball
Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball• Deep channel design offers superior comfort
• Both for indoor and outdoor play
• Comes with inflated and game-ready
• Performance composite cover
• Shipped Official NBA size and weight
Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball• Both for indoor and outdoor play
• Comes in inflated and game-ready
• Foam-backed designed for excellent feel
• Zi/O Tournament composite cover
• Intermediate-size as well as weight
Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball• Composite for ultimate grip and feel
• Deep channel design and full ball pebbling
• 100% butyl bladder for increased air retention
• For shape retention, it has 80% of nylon
MacGregor X500 Basketball• Inflate the ball for indoor and outdoor use
• Ideal for Recreational player
• Wide channels enhance grip
• Inflate the ball for indoor and outdoor use
• Ideal for Recreational player
• Wide channels enhance grip
• High durable nylon-wound rubber construction
Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball• Comes with deep channel design
• 80% of nylon winding offers shape retention
• Gives optimal performance
• UA Gripskin composite for superior grip

1.  Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball      

Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball

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Looking for the Best Outdoor Basketball 2020? The Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball is all you need. This model is a blend of well-balanced, durability and secure grip. Shoot and catch it!

Out of vital considerations, it delivers the seeking performance on all those fronts. Due to the quality construction, it is very durable. It is able to retain its effectiveness as well as strength for many years.

Did you know that this Basketball is one of the official suppliers used in the NBA? Yes, it has all features which make it best from rest of other best ball for outdoor basketball.

It is designed to last long whether you are using it outdoor or indoor. Yes, it can also be used in indoor. There are rubber covers around it which makes it highly durable even on the asphalt or concrete courts.

Like other higher-end models, its rubber covers give the soft feeling. Also, the quality by given from it liked by most of the players.

Right off the bat, you will feel its soft touch on your hands. We also liked its superior grip. It is best as compared to other brands. For longitudinal, deep and black channels on its surface gives the perfect grip.

By reviewing all specifications, we like to conclude that it is the Best Outdoor Basketball balls. It gives higher control as well as outstanding handling regardless of the court type.

Overall, it’s the price also appreciable. It gives desired bounce, dribble and durability.

  •  With a lighter weight
  •  Comes with a composite cover
  •  Both indoors and out
  •  Enhances skills
  •  Improves grasp
  • A couple of users reviewed, it is less bouncy


2. Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball

Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball

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The Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball offers cutting edge performance on outdoor courts. It improves your focus by preventing losing grip. It is because it is covered by laid-in channels which provide exceptional performance.

Well, this outdoor Basketball is designed for children aged above 8 years. Unlike standard sized basketball balls, it weighs much less.

Due to the unique manufacturing, this ball help children shoot and rebound more easily as well as successfully. It also helps to improve skills by building your confidence.

Its lighter design crafted with composite leather. This feature added softness. It offers a nice bound and effortless handling. The players with smaller palms get a nice grip and performance from it.

Apart from its higher performance, it has an appealing design. It is no doubt to say; this Basketball is a great starting point to getting into the game.

Additionally, it is designed for both outdoor and indoor play. With a combination of colors, it has an eye-catching design which makes it best for children.

Overall, this ball is lighter than traditional ones. It is good for smaller athletes to develop skill with ease. It offers comfy grasp. If you want your young athlete leans faster, it performs better than ever before. Indeed, it is best basketball ball outdoor.

  • With a lighter weight
  • Comes with a composite cover
  • Both indoors and out
  • Enhances skills
  • Improves grasp
  • A couple of users reviewed, it is less bouncy

3. Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball



Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

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The Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball is great on hardwood or concrete. It comes with the same size as well as weight as the NBA official basketball. It offers solid grip than other traditional balls.

So its design is both for indoor/outdoor. As it meets the NBA standards, it is featuring composite leather construction. There is also foam backing combined with the full ball pebbling. It produces precise handling.

It has a deep channel design which enhances better grip. Also, it offers dribble control. Its key features are weight, feel and material composition. These features make it Best Outdoor Basketball.

However, its craftsmanship made from touch composition leather. This material enhances its durability together with giving you a soft touch regardless of court surfaces.

Be mindful when you are making it a purchase; it doesn’t compromise on its bounce or weight. Isn’t it amazing?

What’s else? This all comes in a single size as compared to other balls. Also, Spalding basketball is the leading brand that is producing highly trusted ball.

It is acceptable for both uses as indoor and outdoor. It also offers spongy feel from the surface and foam backing. Also, it ensures you don’t slip out of your hands while grabbing.

Overall, this ball is easier to catch. Under strict manufacturing, it enhances performance and durability level. By combining all features, it is no doubt; this is one of the Best Outdoor Basketballs reddit available on the market.

  • Gives solid bounce
  • Soft composite cover
  • Slightly tacky
  • Easy to palm
  • Only one size

4. Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball

Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball

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The Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball comes with standout features. It has pebbled channels for increased grip and control. There is a pressure lock bladder. It maintains the optimal performance level.

It’s a good start with this ball into Basketball. There is included an optima rubber cover which delivers consistent performance. This feature is best for recreational basketball players.

There are featured wide channels to increase your grip and control. Also, there is a pressure lock bladder. It helps in maintaining optimal ball pressure.

While it has a sponge rubber, it works great regardless of any weather condition. For instance, it can be used in raining, shinning and snowing.

With the rubber covers, it is able to generate the same consistent bounce. Besides, it is made of composite leather material. This enhances the secure grip exceptionally.

For the feature it is offering, this ball is good for free throws and dunks. Also, it has vibrant colors. In addition, this ball doesn’t require regular pumping.

Furthermore, like a good crossover, it helps you change direction and pace smoothly. It works both for indoor and outdoor courts by giving you desired performance.

Overall, this model would be an ideal choice for younger players. Also remember, the Wilson is the official NCAA ball which offers guaranteed products. Indeed, it is best basketball for outdoor.

  • Best in class
  • Sponge rubber covering
  • Mainly ideal for recreational players
  • Both indoor and outdoor play
  • Only good for smaller hands

5. Wilson NCCAA Replica Game Basketball

Wilson NCCAA Replica Game Basketball

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The Wilson NCCAA Replica is a consecutive Wilson basketball in our list. This is a neat ball when you need something different to play. It has a similar color as professional basketballs have.

This is made of composite leather material. It offers an improved grip for both outdoor and indoor play. This would be a perfect choice for younger players as well as women who need a professional size ball.

As its name has shown, it replicates the Official NCAA ball. It is used in leagues games. The Wilson is one of those friends who supplied the balls used in the NCAA for both men and women.

Unlike other names, it absorbs moisture to retain its comfy grip. With the spongy rubber, it makes you feel softer. It’s a best basketball outdoor ball.

The Ball engineered with a pebbled accent to the cover. It also helps to catch and shoot easily. Its softer cover doesn’t make it sticky on hands. It offers a comfortable surface grip regardless of hand size of players.

Besides, we have tested this ball for boys and girls over. It is ideal for them. Also, it would be a perfect choice who like to try their hand at hoops with boys/men.

Additionally, this ball offers great value for money. It is coupled with the same patented technology that is used in NCAA official balls.

Out of the most amazing features, this ball has moisture-wicking material. Overall, it offers tacky feel which offers better handling. Also, it is best cheap outdoor basketball.

  • Excellent performance
  • Comfy feel grip
  • Ideal on the hardwood surface
  • Durable
  • Some deflated after some time

6. Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball

Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball

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Want to try another best grip outdoor basketball by Spalding? Let’s introduce the Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball. It is crafted with high-quality composite leather.

This Basketball is a blend of control, soft touch and firm grip. It is coming with NBA standard properties as well as regulations. Due to this feature, it ensures durability, which makes it the best Spalding indoor outdoor Basketball.

There is a consistent bounce property. It improves your skills by giving you a secure grip. Unlike other traditional channel design, this ball will suit your needs.

When it comes to its look, it is perfect for playing outdoor. With all-round performance, it if fully airy so you can play right straight when unbox.

Furthermore, it is ready to hit concrete, asphalt or other hardwood surfaces. Besides, if you want to get a solid grip and consistent bounce, it would be the crossover for you.

Overall, it offers good feel. Also, the sound of the dribble is good, too. With a composite cover, it stands both indoor and outdoor. Also, it is from best basketball brand for outdoor use.

  • Offers solid grip
  • Gives superior comfort
  • Composite cover
  • Consistent bounce
  • Lack of pebbles

7. Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball

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This Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball has no exception for the Best Outdoor Basketball. It is because this would be the best choice in all outdoor conditions. It offers the ability to handle the grueling conditions of a hardcore game.

Regardless of how much hours you would have to get training; this Basketball offers excellent performance throughout the game. It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use so that you will comfortably play.

The craftsmanship of this ball is superior. It comes with an attractive design. This Basketball meets all standard requirements of NBA and WNBA basketballs.

With high specifications, it allows you to train it with or shoot like a pro player regardless you are in gym or driveway.

The Best Outdoor Basketball use is made of very strong material. Its sturdy design let you handle it on outdoor courts easily.

Also, it offers a great touch on your hand with the feeling firm. In addition, it improved holding the balance as well.

What makes it special? It comes with official NBA size and weight. On its surface, there is an official NBA logo as well. It feels authentic and cool.

Unlike other models in its class, it has improved the soft feel and touch so you will play comfortably. It allows you to get a good comfy grip over it.

Overall, the foam coating makes it bouncy. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective ball, it is a blend of superior grip, easy to handle design, fantastic bounce and comfortable playing features.

  • Meet all NBA specifications
  • Perfect size and weight
  • Quality cover
  • Gives spin and more control
  • Composite leather
  • The grip could be improved

8. Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

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The Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball is ideal for rough surfaces. Now the durability is questionable. Well, it is a factor which keeps with a piece of mind while manufacturing this Basketball.

It is made of premium rubber covers. These are extremely durable. The next thing is we liked about this product, its warranty. Yes, it offers one year of warranty. But it’s durability level is for many years.

When it comes to the gracing of its surface, it is made of high-quality rubber material. With the nice grip, it would be a perfect choice for smaller palms.

Thanks to its passing control feature, it is good to play with it on the streets. Being said that, if it gets dirty, it doesn’t lose grip much unlike other models available on the market.

Out of the amazing features, it has slightly deeper channels. It comes in handy during release. It also added durability.

However, this Basketball offers great bounce in a more consistent way. Also, it offers different choices to choose from. Besides, it has Best Outdoor Basketball reviews.

Overall, this outdoor Basketball has excellent shape retention properties. It offers a deeper channel for better control as well as durability. Also, there is included composite cover for enhanced grip.

  • Better control and grip
  • Excellent, consistent bounce
  • Awesome quality
  • Durable
  • Too bouncy

9. MacGregor X500 Basketball

MacGregor X500 Basketball

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Let’s have another Best Outdoor Basketball review. The MacGregor X500 Basketball comes with all needed features. It is made by an unknown brand. But the quality is beyond expectations.

This outdoor Basketball is highly recommended for those who have a kid wishing to improve skills. It is suitable for kids with smaller palms. But there are so many sizes available so you can choose from.

It is made of the durable rubber cover. This material lasts long. Unlike other models, its inflated volume gives the best performance.

There are featuring wide channels. These features make the grip easier. Not only that, but this outdoor Basketball is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor.

Are you looking for a basketball for gym classes? It will be your best purchase than ever before. It gives you real performance and enjoyment to play Basketball.

Additionally, it can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor. Due to its versatility, it increases the amount of time. It is no doubt; this Basketball offers unmatched durability.

Overall, the MacGregor X500 would be a great choice when it comes to the Best Outdoor Basketball. With wide channels, it enhances grip and control. Also, it is best affordable outdoor basketball.


  • Offers amazing grip
  • Durable ball
  • Very affordable
  • Gives high performance
  • Comes in deflated

10. Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Last but not least, the Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball comes relatively new design. It is snipping up big sponsorship deals with the likes of Stephan curry. Indeed, it isfrombest budget outdoor basketball.

With the great history of this brand, it produces terrific multi-court basketballs now. The Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball bring UA Gripskin technology. It is designed to provide superior grip.

It allows you to get a better grip through denser and deeper pebbling. There is also feature nylon winding to keep the shape. The 100% Butyl rubber bladder also gives better retain air.

When it’s new, the ball feels a bit slipper and difficult to palm. But after some days, it becomes soft and handier. It offers better grip to feel like high-end basketballs.

Besides, this ball is for low level player who want to play for fun. This is because, it is let down by an ever so slightly flat. Also, it offers inconsistent bounce as compared to other manufacturers.

Overall, this basketball offers deep channels, 80% nylon winding for excellent shape retention, and excellent grip. Indeed, it is the Best Outdoor Basketball available on the market.

  • Better control
  • Excellent grip
  • Maximum air retention
  • Best outdoor option
  • Super fast

Buying Guide  

Buying Guide


Here is a buying guide which help to choose the Best Outdoor Basketball. Let’s discuss the important considerations to get the Best Outdoor Basketball.

Types of Basketball

There are many types of Basketball available on the market. Let’s know which type is best for you.

  • Composite Leather

The composite leather is also known as synthetic leather. This material is a combination of artificial and pure leather. The blend of the material makes it soft. This Basketball offers smooth to touch. These are a durable one.

Rubber Basketball

As the name suggests, this type of basketballs is made of rubber material. These are highly recommended for those who are new to the game. Also, these are specially made to use on the concrete surface of the court. So, these are suitable to play outdoors.

  • Leather Basketballs

As implied, this type of Basketball comes with pure quality of leather. When you buy them, they feel firm. But over time, they become soft. After their initial coarse feel, they give firm grip. After some time, their soft touch would be flawless. This Basketball is recommended for indoor hardwood surface. However, it can be used outdoors, but they become wear and tear easily.

  • Recreational/Match Basketballs

These basketballs are designed for learners. Also, if you are not quite yet on the professional level, these are best for you. So, these are more on the front of the level at which the game is played on.

  • Weighted Basketballs

Well, this type of balls is for those who want to develop skills from beginners to improving level. These basketballs are key for those who are trying to improve their skills.

  • Training Basketballs

Last but not least, these basketballs are designed for trainers. These would be a perfect choice who are up comers in the field. We also suggest them professionals who want something adequate to practice on.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Basketball? 

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Basketball


The first thing that you look when it comes to the Best Outdoor Basketballs is the material. It determines where to use this ball and how much capacity it is used to be. That’s why you should look at the basketball material to determines the purpose and location to know where it is used in. For instance, synthetic Basketball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. While the leather material is ideal for the professional level. However, the rubber material is best for beginners to hone their skills.


Next up, the size of Basketball which is also one of pretty important to consider. The size determines that would you purchase a basketball for your child or player? For increased comfort as well as functionality, you should be sure when it comes to size.


The grip is also a crucial aspect. When you see the Best Outdoor Basketball, your game is all about catch and shoot. This aspect is necessary for the balls to have a perfect surface as well as channels. These features enable them to get an adequate grip.


The next thing that you should need to consider as a whole is its ability to bounce. Imagine you have a basketball with worse bounce. It will surely be a glorified football. It is because outdoor Basketball needs more bounce than indoors when it comes to the best basketballs. But don’t get a toy. I mean, a basketball with too much bounce. These facts make the bounce important. It lets you get good gaming experience.


Yes, like other features, the inflation in Basketball is also a noteworthy. It is suggested that get a well-inflated basketball. It not so, it would be total dissatisfaction as a whole while playing. For instance, when it once inflated, if the ball dropped from hip height and must return to almost the exactly same level, then it is inflated properly.


The design of Basketball plays an efficient role while playing. By your skill level and court surface, you should go for that which fits in your needs.


If you are confused about your decision for the Best Outdoor Basketball, the reviews related to that product helps you. Any reliable product comes with user reviews. So you should go through the real experiences to make your bucks worthy. It also gives more detailed about the actual pros and cons of the given product.


There is no one who wants to make a purchase which breaks after a week. Even not every other month. It would be better to make a durable purchase which valued for your mucks. When you are looking for the Best Outdoor Basketballs, it is suggested to look at the wear and tear feature. It should be a realistic level so you can’t go with a pathetic one.


Last but not least, the price is determined by the specification which a product offers. So according to if your budget range, you should go for. It is advisable don’t break your bank if you don’t really need that.


Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor Basketballs?

Yes, both basketballs are different. It depends on the material, which makes them different. But there are a couple of materials best for both indoor as well as outdoor.

What are the outdoor places where I can play Basketball?

You always have an option of purchasing a hoop and fix it. Well if you have enough space outside of you home then go there to play. However, there are a number of public courts scattered in most places/communities.

How I improve my basketball skills?

  • You have to be warm-up before starting a match
  • Stay in shape and keep practicing on regular basis
  • Not only strong hand, but you should also dribble with your weaker hand
  • Study great players and try different techniques

What are the Best Outdoor Basketballs?

  • The Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball
  • Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball
  • Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball
  • Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball
  • Wilson NCCAA Replica Game Basketball
  • Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball
  • Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball
  • Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball
  • MacGregor X500 Basketball
  • Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The Conclusion:-

All in all, we have compiled the Best Outdoor Basketball including pros, cons and specifications. You can choose the best one according to your needs. All of these basketballs are top-rated available on the market. Besides, if you have any question, then drop a comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you!